Autumn Gourmet Bakers Crate

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Part Number:184
Our deep red crate is filled with
  •  Peach Cobbler
  •  Rustic Wraps Oat n Apple Muffin Mix
  •  Coffees
  •  Lemonade
  •  Raspberry Ice Tea
  •  Lemon Cookies
  •  Snack Mix
  •  Cheese
  •  Sausage
  •  Mini Toasts
  •  Brown wood Farms Fruit Preserves 
  •  Brown wood Farms Cherry Salsa
  •  Trail Mix
  •  Honey Pecans
  •  To Market-To Market Veggie Dip Mixes
  •  Carson's Thankful Themed Dip Chiller 
  •  Wagonners Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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