Flocked Holiday Wreaths

I have been dabbling in natural florals for over 30 years but never did anything seriously until the last 2 or 3 years. My passion is growing as many natural materials/plants as I can to sustain my designs. The largest part of my cones come from my own property! I love creating Farm House Decor!! Snow flocking is a natural addition to my creations since I grew up with the old heavy snow flocking that my dad would apply with a vacuum. I still love the look, and my rural location lends itself to my creations! As I started designing Christmas wreaths, they had to have flocking on them or I didn't think they were complete. I hope you will treasure your purchase and with a little "kindness" they will last for many years to come!  Please keep your wreaths or decorations out of direct sun, ice, rain or wind.  I store my wreaths in a clear plastic bag that keeps them clean and dust free!
Featured Products
Snow Flocked Red and Gold Front Door Wreath
Snow Flocked Metallic Blue Front Door Wreath
Green Country Christmas Twig Wreath
Snow Flocked Silver Monotone Wreath